Let's share ideas to combat bullying

I have a question for the writer of a recent letter ["No easy answers to stop bullying ..." Letters, May 23]. As executive director of the School Administrators Association of New York State, did you ever consider having Long Island superintendents meet with our neighbors up north to share ideas?

Binghamton University and the Union-Endicott School District partnered to survey more than 2,000 students and found that although two-thirds recognized depression and anxiety in their peers - a symptom of bullying - one-third did not know what to do about it. Also, nearly one out of four students felt bullied and 15 percent had bullied others. Based on that study, Union-Endicott hopes to implement the Olweus program, a successful program in Norway involving a bullying prevention committee made up of faculty and community members, as well as individual intervention plans for involved students and their parents.

Binghamton High School has initiated the Positive Behavior Intervention Program as well as Ophelia, a curriculum to foster positive relationships among girls. Partnering with communities that have gained insight into this growing problem could benefit concerned students, their families and the entire community.

Lorraine Wodhanil

West Islip

Will car vandals get what they deserve?

Regarding "Police banking on loose lips in vandalism probe" [News, May 26]: We can only hope that when these criminals are caught, the justice system slams them as they slammed other people's property. The vandals who smashed windows on 95 cars in Nassau obviously have no respect for other people, and they should pay dearly. They will have lawyers who will say that they're very sorry, and they shouldn't be punished harshly, because nobody was hurt. I see it differently, as the damage may be almost $100,000.

In addition to jail time, they should have to pay back every dollar. If they don't have it, their parents should be responsible. Then they should do community service and probation. Let's see if the judges in Nassau County have the guts to make an example of them. There are consequences for the actions taken that night. They will get caught, but will they get punished?

Richard Koffler


Less Lohan, more real news, please

What is Newsday's obsession with spoiled Lindsay Lohan and her dysfunctional family ["Judge's order: ankle bracelet," News, May 25]? I doubt that I'm in the minority in not caring about her life. If I am, this country is in serious trouble. Why not use the space that is dedicated to the Lohans almost every day and report on how much more crude oil has leaked into the Gulf of Mexico? Get your priorities straight!

Doug Dittko


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