Focus on businesses helping LI employees

I enjoy reading about Long Island businesses in Newsday, especially when the highlighted entrepreneur uses state-of-the-art technology and brings jobs to Long Islanders.

The article "From accounting to pet business, with the click of a mouse" sounded interesting; it was about a local pet business growing in this tough economy.

Then the last paragraph summed up what is wrong with this country: The owner has three employees working on code writing - all of them in India.

In the future I hope Newsday features Long Island businesses helping Long Islanders.

Adrienne Wilber


List highlights need for enforcing law

Newsday reports that two Utah state employees were placed on leave for gathering and distributing information about 1,300 people who, the employees charged, are illegal immigrants and should be deported .

What was not reported was whether the allegations were true. If the people on the list in Utah are, indeed, illegal immigrants, they deserve deportation.

It has become necessary for groups like Concerned Citizens of the United States to take measures to combat illegal immigration into Utah, Arizona and other states. The former middle class is no longer able or willing to pay for education, medical care and social services for illegal immigrants.

Barbara Allen-Lieblein

Shelter Island

Britain's treatment of Iroquois a travesty

Having been involved in international lacrosse officiating since 1974, I am dismayed at what Great Britain did to the Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team, denying its members admittance into the country for the World Games of Lacrosse .

This team has been involved in the World Games since the event's inception.

The Iroquois have worked hard. They have outstanding players, excellent coaches and a tremendous following. It is a travesty to deny them participation in the game they invented.

The Iroquois Confederacy of Six Indian Nations is recognized by the United States government. Kudos should be given to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for stepping in and getting them waivers to leave our country legally.

The same cannot be said of officials from Britain.

Al Blau