Poll shows LIers are good at self-delusion

A chart published recently broke down what Long Islanders say they are willing to cut to balance our budget . We all pretty much agreed the budget was a mess, but we aren't willing to cut anything.

This explains the whole mess. We are perfectly willing to spend money we don't have, and when the postage comes due we are perfectly capable of continuing the delusion. This self-delusion seems to cross all party and philosophical lines on Long Island.

Of course, me thinking my letter will have the slightest effect is my own form of self-delusion. So let's all hold hands, smile at each other and ask the person next to us, "What color is the sky in your world?"

Michael Curry

Massapequa Park

Illegal hit-run suspect shouldn't be here

Let's see . . . Elias Garcia, the non-English speaking illegal immigrant from Guatemala allegedly runs over four teenagers near Roosevelt Field, but as his wife says, he is a good man and a house painter and cannot afford bail ["Chasing a hit-and-run," News, May 21]. Well, excuse me if I do not shed a tear for him. If he was not in this country, maybe four teenagers would not have been struck and injured. So tell me again why illegal immigrants are good for us?

Anthony Loffredo

East Meadow

Lindsay responds on sex offender plan

I must disagree with your editorial, "Suffolk legislature makes no progress," on housing homeless sex offenders . My proposal to establish congregate shelters for no more than six offenders, shelters with 24/7 monitoring located in nonresidential areas, is the first proposal that directly addresses our state-mandated responsibility to house these offenders while protecting the safety of our residents.

Under the voucher system as currently implemented, once an offender receives a voucher, at $90 per day, he is free to go anywhere he chooses, as long as it is not in a restricted area. Under the voucher system there is no supervision of any kind on these potentially dangerous criminals. That is a very bad idea.

My legislation provides the constant supervision that is necessary to ensure the safety of Suffolk County residents. Moreover, it would more fairly spread the burden of housing homeless sex offenders, because no more than one such shelter could be located in any single town or county legislative district.

My legislation is the first real hope for a solution to this admittedly intractable problem, and that is real progress. The voucher system, on the other hand, is a disaster waiting to happen.

William J. Lindsay


Editor's note: The writer is presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature.