Neighbors need a say in Lighthouse process

With the continuing economic issues facing Long Island, it is good news that the Town of Hempstead will soon be outlining its proposed zoning for the Nassau Coliseum site . The site represents perhaps the best hope for a revitalization of Nassau County and the potential to generate both construction-related and permanent jobs for our region.

However, it is imperative that the town and county make certain that any new plans fully assess and mitigate all regional impacts that are certain to result from any redevelopment, including impacts beyond the borders of the Town of Hempstead. Areas such as Westbury, Carle Place, Hicksville, Mineola and others were wrongly left out of the impact analysis previously performed by the applicant. The county, in approving any aspects of the project, needs to make sure all county residents are protected.

In addition, the plan should call for taxpayer equity and an appropriate distribution of property tax revenue generated from the site, so that all affected communities share the benefits, as well as the burdens, of the redevelopment.

Peter I. Cavallaro, Westbury

Editor's note: The writer is mayor of the Village of Westbury.

Single-issue politics doesn't serve public

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's personal war with the NRA has clouded her judgment .

Rather than help pass the Disclose Act which she, herself, co-sponsored, McCarthy voted against it, citing a "sweetheart deal for the NRA" as the obstacle. (This as the Supreme Court ruled to restrain government limits on gun ownership). In this time of numerous and complex government concerns, an inflexible, one-issue politician is a serious liability.

Bob Rattner, Lynbrook

Courts have spoken, some not listening

So after Chicago's gun ban was struck down as unconstitutional, the politicians are scrambling to impose more restrictive limits on the rights of their people . God forbid that the law-abiding population of Chicago should arm itself for protection.

Are Chicago's new civil rights restrictions what Newsday's editorial meant by "reasonable" ?

Do these actions by the politicians sound like gun owners should stop worrying that their government will take away their rights?

Jon Deitch, Huntington