U.S. should move on from Lockerbie case

It is totally ridiculous for this government or anyone else to spend any more time complaining or pointing fingers regarding the release of the Lockerbie bomber ["PM: No new Lockerbie probe" News, July 21].

The decision to release the Lockerbie bomber, whether good or bad, has been made, like it or not. In the United States, judges on occasion will reduce criminals' sentences or release them outright.

We have too many vital issues to deal with to spend time pointing fingers. For our government to pursue this case is a lose-lose proposition for everyone involved.

Roger Kaufmann, East Northport

Boomers presence online important, too

The article "In job search, online image counts" [News, July 23] was timely and important.

While your piece focused on very young job seekers, baby boomers actually face an entirely different challenge. Many of them have absolutely no online identity. When recruiters seek information about them online, nothing surfaces. Digitally speaking, they do not exist.

This invisibility just adds to the lack of competitiveness of the older job seeker. Companies want some assurance that candidates have enough tech savvy to navigate new media easily and effectively. Older workers who embrace new technology and engage in social media are better positioned to compete effectively in a difficult environment.

Those who don't are likely to spend many extra months responding fruitlessly to online job ads, sending their resumes and e-mails into a gray void from another time.

Stu Levin, Fort Salonga

Editor's note: The writer is a career counselor.

Opera alive and well at Northport church

Regarding opera singer Caroline Chirichella Brody's essay "It's not easy to introduce young people to opera, but it's worth finding a way" [Opinion, July 23]: The public should be aware that an extraordinary way has been developed in Northport.

Opera Night takes place the first Friday of each month at St. Paul's United Methodist Church there, presenting the highest quality operatic performers and programs to packed and enthusiastic audiences.

Fred Barnett, Lake Grove

Parties, please?

I read and reread the article regarding the arrests of Roger Corbin, Patrick Williams, Neville Mullings and David Wasserman on criminal charges in the New Cassel redevelopment ["Corruption case snares 4 officials," News, July 23]. I could not find any mention of their political affiliations. Is it asking too much from Newsday to be impartial and treat everyone the same? Just give us the truth and stop hiding the Democrats' faults.

Ed Klenovich, Massapequa Park