Flooded homes? Let insurance pay

In response to the article "Levy seeks land to help flooded" : My question to the Horton Avenue residents is: "Why isn't your homeowner's insurance covering the damage?"

If these people have known for years that the area was flood-prone, surely they had flood insurance on their homes.

If not, too bad. You gambled and lost. If a hurricane dropped a tree on my house, I would be expected to deal with it through my own insurance. Why is this the responsibility of taxpayers?

Eric Turpin, Wading River

Beverage tax was sweet opportunity

Given the New York State budget mess, it shocks me to see that the State Legislature voted down the proposed beverage tax .

With all the very difficult choices that need to be made to keep the state fiscally healthy, this one seemed a particularly easy choice.

Bruce Schoenberg, Smithtown

Mineola should focus on current residents

As a resident of Mineola who lives near the proposed condo development, I believe Mineola Mayor Jack Martins needs a reality check .

We have an economy that is not doing well. Who are these people who can buy a condo? Take care of residents who already live there. Why not make more accessible parking for those who already call Mineola home?

P.S., there is an empty apartment in my building that hasn't been rented in many months.

Susana Isaacson, Mineola

Immigration stance supports lawlessness

I find it quite disturbing that Newsday continues to support the undocumented immigrants who flout the laws of this country . You persistently try to shoulder this mantle of flawed altruism when in fact you are simply supporting the violation of our country's laws.

Contrary to Newsday's rhetoric about leaving immigration reform to the federal government, most legal reform starts at the local and state level and works itself through the country and then into federal laws.

So cheers to Huntington, cheers to the Town of Oyster Bay, and cheers to Arizona. Let's keep the ball rolling and maybe the rest of the world will stop laughing at our lack of desire to protect our own borders.

Christopher D. Reilly, Coram