Profiling, pro and con

I am not usually at a loss for words, but what is one to say about a writer to Newsday ["Peter King provokes a fierce debate on LI," Letters, Jan. 3] who argues that it is OK to discriminate against Muslims because our country has a history of discriminating against African-Americans and Native Americans?

Frank Anshen

East Setauket

Run the risk of hurting the feelings of a certain segment of the population by profiling or have planes blown out of the sky? You decide.

Barney Chiarello

MerrickMangano's priorities

I was appalled at newly sworn-in Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano's shocking omission from his "Top 10 Initiatives" list for 2010 ["Mangano's giant step," News, Jan. 1]. He mentions helping our young people be able to afford staying on Long Island, but fails to include on his list the more pressing problem of heroin addiction. If this serious problem is not given top priority, helping our young people to remain on Long Island will entail finding them a cemetery plot versus affordable housing.

Rick Meuser

Huntington StationNew York's bravest

"They call us 'the bravest,' a name proven true. . . . Sons of old Ireland here serving in blue"!

Congratulations to the Mooney family of the FDNY ["LI dad, son celebrate promotions in FDNY," News, Dec. 31] who symbolize everything that the song "New York's Damn Bravest" was about: Immigration, dedication, hard work and success as good and loyal Americans. Thank you for your generations of service!

Scott E. Bayou

MaspethObama's health plan

endangers freedoms

Nearly all politicians make promises they know they can't keep when running for office. However, what our president and his Democratic majority are doing goes far beyond this premise. There are two schools of thought that come to mind. Either President Barack Obama is so naive as to believe he can use Chicago-style politics to get his health care reform passed, or he is so clever that he knew it was a promise he could not keep, and he can then blame and demonize the Republicans and right-wing opponents for its failure, therefore appearing to be the one with the high moral position.

America's founders wanted the government to have limited power. The Obama- Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi legislation to take control of the American health care system is the most intrusive federal program ever devised. If the government can do this, then our liberties and freedom will be a thing of the past. What a scary thought!

Marlene D'Amelia