Red-light hazards?

With the installation of red-light cameras all over Nassau County, driving a car has become even more dangerous. How many rear-end collisions have occurred or will occur as the number of red light-camera intersections increases? Is it safety that our county government is looking for or adding to county coffers?

Janis Skloot


Money for rebates burning ratepayers

Let me get this straight - the power company will pay you to use less power ["LIPA's new solar plan draws criticism," News, Sept. 24]? Where does this rebate money come from?

I'm guessing some from federal programs, some from the state and some from the Long Island Power Authority's "environmental budget." Where does that money come from? The federal and state money comes from taxpayers and the LIPA money comes from ratepayers.

Michael Diehl, a solar installer says, "With the economy like this, it's a shame to run out of rebate money." Huh? With the economy like this, I have a really hard time paying my electric bill, let alone finding thousands of dollars to put solar panels on my roof! Will someone please explain this to me?

As taxpayers and LIPA customers, we are all paying rebates to Diehl and our neighbors so they can put solar panels on their homes and reduce the money they send to LIPA. I suppose that soon LIPA will need to raise our rates again to compensate for the loss of revenue due to all these solar panels.

Ken Trottere


Nincompoop parents

Second-graders who can't tie their shoes ["We're raising a group of nincompoops, some say," News, Sept. 28]? Four-year-olds in Pull-Ups? Explain to me how that is the fault of technology.

Kids who can't, or won't, do things for themselves are not the result of technology but the result of parents not teaching their kids how to do these things and be independent. A child who is not potty trained can be attributed to laziness on the part of the parent or caregiver.

This article blanketed all teens into the lazy/inept group; my three teenage sons all know how to use the washer and dryer, handheld can opener, vacuum, etc. If parents expect their kids to do things, they have to show them how and assign them chores. How can you send a kid off to college without basic knowledge of how to operate machines to clean their dorms or do laundry?

The kids' unwillingness or inability is because they are allowed to get away with not knowing and having other people do everything for them. The real world doesn't work like this. Continuing to coddle our children will only result in the future being in jeopardy, since these kids will not be able to think or do for themselves.

Traci Gabrielli