Smaller Lighthouse shines brighter for LI

Kudos to Kate Murray and her staff for having the guts and vision to fight for what is best for the future of Long Island .

To have Nassau County turned into Atlantic City is the last thing we need. Hopefully Murray and Lighthouse chairman Charles Wang can put together a project that will serve the people and keep the flavor of our wonderful Island intact.

Robert Perpall, Seaford


The water tower at Jones Beach has added a graceful touch to the landscape for years. In contrast, I cringe each time I see pictures of the towers proposed for the Coliseum site - they are ugly and ought to be redesigned.

If we are going to have to look at these things for years, Newsday should survey public opinion on the final design before it's built.

James E. Stubenrauch, Massapequa

Fault lines in battle over divorce law

As the hopefully soon-to- be ex-wife of Lou DeCaro, I felt that I must respond to his irreverent and untrue remarks concerning my integrity .

For the record, I did not leave my husband years ago due to his illness. I was always a good, loving and supportive wife. Unfortunately, my life with my husband was not tolerable, and so I needed to leave in order to stay whole.

Unfortunately, the antiquated laws of New York State have helped to keep me imprisoned. Even murderers are paroled at times. I, and others like me, need for Gov. David A. Paterson to sign No Fault into law. We have suffered too long.

Jamie DeCaro, Manorville

I feel a lot of compassion for Lou DeCaro. In the prime of his life, he is hit with Parkinson's disease, has several operations and knows his life will never be the same. No one would be so heartless as to ignore this fact, and I wish him well.

But I have an enormous problem with his attitude that this somehow entitles him to keep his wife in a marriage in which she is no longer happy because divorce will impact him financially.

Thirty-one years of marriage is a long time, especially in our society. There may have been problems of long standing that Mr. DeCaro is not disclosing - we only know his side of things. He says he rallied his "support system," but what about Mrs. DeCaro? How about her "support system"?

A judge's decision to force Mrs. DeCaro to stay in the marriage was wrong. This reduces her to property with no right of self-determination. It insults her humanity and dignity in order to keep Mr. DeCaro's status quo.

This illustrates that having an illness does not automatically impart compassion and sensitivity, nor does it negate human selfishness.

Yvonne Kleine, Bayport