The nine Republican state senators from Long Island.

The nine Republican state senators from Long Island. Credit: J. Condrad Williams Jr.

How discouraging it is to read that Long Island Republicans are teaming up to fight Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo over the portion of his tax cuts that will have a great effect on our 124 kingdoms of education ["LI senators vow to stop school cuts," News, Feb. 3]. They picked the wrong fight.

What is it about "124" that our leaders don't understand? Don't they find it alarming that almost every one of these school districts has a superintendent making more than the governor of New York? Can they not see the waste in paying taxes to support all the administration necessary to keep each district running? Have they lost sight of the potential savings available to our schools if they were able to negotiate with contractors from positions of strength, due to their larger size after consolidation?

Our leaders need to work harder to find solutions to the waste perpetuated by these 124 kingdoms instead of fighting their governor over the necessary evil of having to tighten their budget belts, just like the rest of us.

Bob Bascelli


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