Garden City's Shannon Mangini gets first half goal. (June 1,...

Garden City's Shannon Mangini gets first half goal. (June 1, 2010) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy



Garden City held onto the ball for the final three minutes and ran out the clock on a really close victory. Be back with more stats soon.

Final Stats for GC:

Mikaela Rix 6 goals, 1 assist

Barbara Sullivan : 1 goal, 1 assist

Alex Bruno: 5 goals

Caroline Tarzian: two goals, two assists

Catherine Dickinson: one goal, one assist

Shannon Mangini: One goal


Garden City 16, CANANDAIGUA 15: 5:25

Kelsey Marafioti rips one in. This is the closest CA has been since the opening minute. The girls on the GC bench have stood up and are jumping up and down. GC led by as many as seven.

Garden City 16, CANANDAIGUA 14: 6:40

Taylor D'Amore puts in a rebound after another great save by Kelly Weis. CA is really raking advantage of second chance shots.

GARDEN CITY 16, Canandaigua 13: 7:04

Caroline Tarzian ends the CA run. That was nerve-wrcking.

Garden City 15, CANANDAIGUA 13: 7:54

It's another goal from Haley Marafioti assist from Taylor D'Amore. Time out Garden City. The CA bench is going crazy. Timeout GC.

Garden City 15, CANANDAIGUA 12: 8:30

Don't look now folks, but we have a game. CA has scored six of the last eight goals and has possesion.

Garden City 15, CANANDAIGUA 11: 9:25

Here comes Canandaigua. Kelsey Marafioti does it again. And CA wins the next draw.

Garden City 15, CANANDAIGUA 10: 9:47

Kelsey Marafioti puts it in.

GARDEN CITY 15, Canandaigua 9: 11:18

Mikaela Rix Free Position.

Garden City 14, CANANDAIGUA 9: 12:39

CA scores again and Garden City takes a timeout. That's a 3-1 run for the Braves. Other semi update: Fox Lane leads Watertown 14-7 with 14 minutes remaining.

GARDEN CITY 14, Canandaigua 8 : 14:07

Alex Bruno scores her fifth goal

Garden City 13, CANANDAIGUA 8:

Catherine Gorman scores again.

Garden City 13, CANANDAIGUA 7: 19:06

And CA answers right back with a nice-looking goal from Catherine Gorman.

GARDEN CITY 13, Canandaigua 6: 19:31

After five minutes Alex Bruno opens the second half scoring.


Canandaigua is playing really well. Garden City is playing even better. Mikaela Rix leads all players with five goals and one assist. In the other game: Late in the first half it's Fox Lane 10, Watertown 4


Garden City 12, CANANDAIGUA 6: 0:40

CA's Bailey Knapton ends the run off an assit from Taylor D'Amore.

GARDEN CITY 12, Canandaigua 5: 1:12

Alex Bruno rips one in off an assist from Catherine Dickinson.

GARDEN CITY 11, Canandaigua 5: 1:39

Shannon Mangini scores off an assist from Caroline Tarzian.

GARDEN CITY 10, Canandaigua 5: 3:48

Catherine Dickinson scores from Mikaela Rix. Rix has six points and is earning rave reviews from folks up here in the press box.

GARDEN CITY 9, Canandaigua 5: 6:34

Mikaela Rix scores her fifth goal. She is putting on a clinic.

Garden City 8, CANANDAIGUA 5: 8:15

Haley Marafioti scores a really nice goal off a feed from Abbey Friend.

GARDEN CITY 8, Canandaigua 4: 10:39

Mikaela Rix just turned around and fired with authority.

Garden City 7, CANADAIGUA 4: 11:23

Canandaigua is making a game of it. Kelsey Marafioti scores from siter Haley Marifioti. Two goals in 20 seconds.

Garden City 7, CANANDAIGUA 3: 11:45

Well, that's one way to score. An CA errant pass misses the recipiants stick and winds up in the back of the net.

GARDEN CITY 7, Canandaigua 2: 12:31

Mikaela Rix scores her third goal. Timeout CA.

GARDEN CITY 6, Canandaigua 2: 16:52

Mikaela Rix ends the breif CA run.

Garden City 5, CANANDAIGUA 2: 17:07

Kelly Weis turns away a free position, but Canandaigua grabs the rebound and earns another FP and Abbey Friend puts one in. Weis is playing awesome, but CA is taking advantage of second-chance oppurtunities.

Garden City 5, CANANDAIGUA 1 18:20

Kelly Weis stones a point-blank shot from a CA player but the Braves put the rebound in for a ridiculous goal by Haley Marafioti. Canandaigua is on the board.

UPDATE: GARDEN CITY 5, Canandaigua 0:  18:36

Caroline Tarzian off the free position. GC took its time on that one, waiting four minutes before scoring.

UPDATE: GARDEN CITY 4, Canandaigua 0: 22:49

Alex Bruno scores off the draw. That's two goals in ten seconds in three in less than a minute.

UPDATE: GARDEN CITY 3, Canandaigua 0: 22:59

Alex Bruno, unassisted. CA looks shell-shocked.

UPDATE GARDEN CITY 2, Canandaigua 0: 23:39

Barbara Sullivan scores assisted by Caroline Tarzian.

UPDATE: GARDEN CITY 1, Canandaigua 0 24:06

Mikaela Rix rips one in. The CA goalie didn't even see it go in.

Hello everyone, it’s a beautiful day here in Cortland and Garden City and Canandaigua are on the field warming up for today’s state Class B semifinal. Farmingdale reached its third straight state Class A final by defeating Pittsford, 17-6 moments ago.

Garden City (19-0) is seeking its fifth straight state championship. Canandaigua (19-1) of Section V, comes in as the No. 3 ranked Class B team in the state, behind GC and Rocky Point. The Braves lost to Yorktown, which fell to Garden City in the final, in last season’s semifinal by a score of 13-9. Canandaigua’s only loss this season came to Good Counsel (Maryland), which for an LI comparison, fell to St. Anthony’s in double overtime earlier this season. For anyone wondering, Canandaigua lies southeast of Rochester near the Finger Lake of the same name.

The draw is set for noon. See you then.


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