New York Lottery officials said an incorrect Mega ball number...

New York Lottery officials said an incorrect Mega ball number was initially reported for the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night. Credit: Howard Schnapp

If you thought you were a big winner in the Tuesday night Mega Millions drawing, think again. You might not have hit the jackpot.

Due to what the New York Lottery is calling "human error," the winning gold Mega ball in the $86 million Mega Millions draw was listed as being the number 6. In fact, it was 9.

A host on the televised drawing "incorrectly called the Mega Ball a 6 instead of a 9. The 9 ball was drawn into the chamber and is the official result," said a statement on the official Mega Millions website

The other five winning numbers were reported correctly: 15, 19, 20, 61 and 70. So the actual winning numbers for the $86 million jackpot were: 15, 19, 20, 61, 70 and the Mega ball 9.

New York Lottery spokesman Brad Maione said the state Gaming Commission, which oversees all lottery drawings with tickets sold in New York, has temporarily suspended all payouts of lottery prizes in the May 10 Mega Millions draw.

And, in a statement posted to the New York Lottery website Wednesday, the Gaming Commission said: "The New York Lottery is actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible … all Mega Millions players should hold on to their tickets for the May 10, 2022 drawing until the issue is resolved."

The glitch means if you watched the draw live and thought you just missed hitting the Mega drawing you might be wrong. You might have won. Big — or otherwise.

According to the Mega Millions payoff guide there were no reported jackpot winners on Tuesday night. Minor prizes awarded based on the gold Mega ball also would be affected, including the lowest-level winning ticket — which is $2 for selecting the correct Mega ball only.

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