The village of Manorhaven has repealed a confusing parking law, giving residents in the densely populated village more parking options.

A resident informed village officials in November of three signs attached to one pole that seemingly contradicted one another. Officials repealed a restriction limiting parking from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the board's Feb. 11 meeting.

Village clerk-treasurer Leslie Gross said Wednesday that parking is a "major issue" within the Nassau County village, which has seen a rise in the construction of multifamily housing.

The village is one of the most densely populated on Long Island, with 6,652 residents in a 0.47-square-mile area, according to recent census data.

The village had 6,138 residents when the 2000 census was released.

More than 57 percent of Manorhaven's housing units are in multiunit structures, according to census data.

The average for New York State is nearly 51 percent, and the census designated area of Port Washington has 24 percent. Manorhaven is on the Port Washington peninsula.

"The issue is where do we put all the cars," Gross said. "There's no reason to limit it when you don't have to."

Village officials stripped some of the restrictions posted on the pole, allowing for more parking on a portion of Sintsink Drive East, a truck route in commercial and residential areas of the village.

Residents can park on that street, except for hours allotted for street sweeping or designated hours overnight.

The change "made more parking in a place where [motorists] need it," Gross said."

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