Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the 35th.annual Hampton Classic Horseshow in...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the 35th.annual Hampton Classic Horseshow in Bridgehampton on September 5, 2010. photo by Rob Rich/ Credit: Rob Rich/

The hurricane missed us. The weather was divine. Madonna finally made it to the Hampton Classic. Summer ended on a high note in the Hamptons.

Under the Super Sunday tents, Mayors Michael Bloomberg, with first gal pal Diana Taylor, and Rudy Giuliani, with wife, Judi, were the gravitas to Madonna’s glitter. Celebrities in between that spectrum included Matt Lauer, Christy Turlington, Ed Burns, Lou Dobbs, Jill Rappaport and dog whisperer, Cesar Milan.

Bloomberg comes yearly to watch daughter Georgina, a star equestrian in her own right, compete. “She started riding around six years old,” Bloomberg told us. “Her older sister was a horseback rider for a few years . And then she started. The older sister went on to other things and she stayed riding.”

We hear she’s one of the best riders around. “Well, I don’t know about that,” Bloomberg answered. “But she’s the best rider in the family. I can say that!

“They’re all good and on any given day, anyone can win. As long as they do it safely, it’s a good sport for everybody.”

Taylor always makes the perfect fashion statement. Wearing a simple but chic shift and beaming under a teal hat, she echoed the two prevailing sentiments of the day. “The weather is beautiful. The horses are fabulous and the riders working very hard,” she said of the Classic. And the end of the season? “It’s really sad,” she said wistfully. “I can’t believe the summer’s over. It went so fast!”

 That’s OK. Fall is always busy. Look for her at the mayor’s high-profile Upper East Side block party, Fete de Swifty.