Mineola High School senior Genevieve Peters was prom-posed to by...

Mineola High School senior Genevieve Peters was prom-posed to by friend Kevin Shea, who asked to be her date to the prom on June 9, 2016 by dressing as Marvel Comics superhero Captain America. Credit: Ian J. Stark

Mineola High School senior Genevieve Peters was rescued from possible prom-peril by a semi-superhero who surprised her with a comic book-styled prom-posal.

“I had really hoped Kevin would end up going with me somehow,” she explained of prom date Kevin Shea during the prom at the North Ritz Club in Syosset Thursday night. “He’s a friend of my brother, and a friend of mine, too, and I thought he’d be a great date.”

Shea, a 2014 graduate of Holy Cross High School in Flushing, Queens, did indeed intend on asking to be her prom date -- but wanted to make sure the circumstances were special.

Peters explained how she had gotten tickets to see a preview screening of the film “Captain America: Civil War.”

“I was dying to see the movie, I love that stuff,” she said.

Shea used that knowledge to launch a prom-posal that borrowed from the Marvel Comics character portrayed in the film. He had Genevieve’s brother call her and feign car trouble after she had already arrived.

However, when she went outside to check on her sibling, she instead found Kevin in the parking lot dressed as Captain America with a sign  -- in place of the superhero’s signature shield -- that read, “LET ME BE YOUR HERO.” He enhanced drama of the moment with a speaker blaring the Enrique Iglesias 2001 hit song “Hero.”

“I was so, so happy…it was perfect,” Peters said.

As she told the tale, Kevin stood by with a confident smile. He got one more very important part of the prom-posal right.

She noted, “...This all went down before the movie started, so I didn’t miss anything.”

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