Bob Stock watched as a 40-foot oak tree in his front yard cracked at its base and fell across his yard, blocking his driveway and his street Monday night.

The next morning, he found that the tree took down an electrical wire, and completely blocked Springdale Drive with the tree’s large branches, keeping cars from passing.

“It’s unbelievable. I noticed the tree when it leaned at a 45-degree angle and it was coming out of the ground,” said Stock, 68, who has lived in the house in Ronkonkoma for 40 years. “It’s a cluster of three trees with one base, so I thought it was strong enough not to fall.”

Just in case, Stock moved both his cars before the storm hit, parking one in his garage and the other at Edith L. Slocum Elementary School, down the road on Johnson Avenue.

“If I didn’t move them they would’ve been lost,” he said. “It took three strong gusts of wind to take down that tree and I’m just glad to have my house still. I just need my electricity back.”

Stock said that the electrical wire that lies across Springdale Drive isn’t live, but that he wouldn’t recommend people drive near it or walk on the wire, just in case.

“I was so lucky. I really thought the roof was going to cave in on me,” Stock said. “They need to come and remove the wire before these kids go out and trick-or-treat.”