Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, District Attorney Kathleen Rice...

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, District Attorney Kathleen Rice and Police Commissioner Lawrence W. Mulvey talk about the dangers of drunken driving at a press conference last week Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

If the Nassau Interim Finance Authority takes control of Nassau County's finances on Jan. 20, which seems highly likely, its first order of business should be to abolish Nassau County's ineffective executive branch and County Legislature, both of which bear responsibility for Nassau's continued financial mess ["Schmitt to NIFA: We'll sue!" News, Jan. 4].

Such a move would save us millions of dollars in salary, benefits and other expenses and help restore the county's fiscal position. While state control is not an ideal situation, I fail to see how the control board could do a worse job than our local representatives. It's time to cut down on the redundant levels of government we can no longer afford.

John Volpe


Newsday noted that NIFA staff identified $244 million as "at risk" in County Executive Edward Mangano's 2011 budget on the same day that the Mega Millions jackpot was listed as $242 million. Perhaps Mangano should buy a few tickets for Nassau County? Hey, you never know. ...

Anthony Fillizola


Since Nassau County has an Interim Financial Authority due to its badly run elective offices over the years, why doesn't New York State have one?

We could call it STIFA to remind the uneducated voters who re-elect the same politically corrupt officials over and over again of the biggest reason New York is in such bad shape.

David Klein

Glen Cove