You can create your own executive order through an online...

You can create your own executive order through an online generator created by user hepwori on GitHub. Credit: Jason Thomas via Twitter

President Donald Trump has signed a flurry of executive orders  19 to be exact  since he was inaugurated on Jan. 20 on issues such as immigration, infrastructure and healthcare. 

But if none of those satisfied your needs (or you have an alternative position on the president's policies), an online generator now allows you to draft your own executive order with Trump's signature on it.

The online generator, created by user hepwori on the code-hosting platform GitHub, shows a photo of Trump holding a signed executive order, but you can click into the text and edit it. 

With their own imaginations the limit on this meme-worthy generator, internet users have shared odd and interesting executive order parodies. 

"Anyone with larger hands than me will have their citizenship revoked and must be deported. This includes children," reads one created by Twitter user Jason Thomas. 

"Smithers, release the hounds," says one by Twitter user Chris Heilmann. 

"I hereby declare Nickelback an Enemy of the State," reads another by Twitter user J.J. Kramer. 

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