Highlights of Obama's $3.73-trillion budget for fiscal year 2012:

Defense spending: $727 billion

(down 5.8% from 2011)

The Pentagon's proposed budget includes more than $117.8 billion to cover the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the smallest amount spent on the wars since 2006.

Education spending: $68 billion

(up 38.5% from 2011)

Obama seeks a major boost in education as he calls for a five-year freeze on domestic spending, putting him at odds with Republicans pressing for deeper cuts.

Health and Human Services spending: $886.8 billion

(down 1% from 2011)

Plan would stave off steep Medicare cuts to doctors for two more years.

Homeland Security spending: $44.3 billion

(up 1.8% from 2011)

Proposal would provide money to purchase 275 full-body imaging machines for airports.

Housing and Urban Development spending: $47.2 billion

(down 15.5% from 2011)

Recommending a 7.5-percent cut to the Community Development Block Grant program, which states and cities use to make infrastructure improvements in low-income neighborhoods.- AP

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