WASHINGTON: Social Security proposal

The co-chairmen of President Barack Obama's deficit commission are sticking with politically explosive proposals to raise the Social Security retirement age and benefit increases in a revised plan to wrestle the deficit under control. The new plan by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, to be publicly unveiled Wednesday, faces an uphill slog because of proposals to curb Social Security and Medicare costs, curtail a huge assortment of tax breaks like the deduction for mortgage interest and almost double the tax on a gallon of gas. A new version of the plan, obtained by The Associated Press, makes mostly minor changes to a version unveiled earlier this month.

WISCONSIN: Hostage-taker dies

A 15-year-old student who held about two dozen students and a teacher hostage for several hours in a classroom at a Wisconsin high school died Tuesday at a hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said. Sophomore Samuel Hengel shot himself after police stormed a classroom at Marinette High School Monday night, police chief Jeff Skorik said. No one else was wounded. The terrified high schoolers trapped in the classroom worked desperately to keep their captor calm by chatting and laughing with him about hunting and fishing.

VIRGINIA: Cops: Grandma killed child

A Virginia grandmother threw her 2-year-old granddaughter several stories to her death from a walkway at a shopping mall after a family outing, police said Tuesday. Carmela Dela Rosa, 50, of Fairfax was arrested and charged Tuesday with murder, said prosecutor Ian Rodway, the chief deputy commonwealth's attorney. The child, Angelyn Ogdoc, died in a hospital after plunging to the pavement Monday night. She fell from a walkway linking the mall's third floor to the parking garage's sixth floor at Tysons Corner Center in Fairfax, a Washington suburb in Virginia. Investigators believe Dela Rosa threw the child over a railing but do not yet know why, Fairfax County police spokeswoman Tawny Wright said.

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