People run after hearing what are believed to be explosions...

People run after hearing what are believed to be explosions or gunshots near Place de la Republique square in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. Credit: Getty Images / AFP / Dominique Faget

The deadly shootings and suicide bombings Friday night in Paris represent the "nightmare scenario" for a well-planned and executed terrorist attack, Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) said.

"It's a nightmare scenario of having a series of coordinated attacks in a mass population center. And it's all different kinds of attacks: the restaurants, the theater, the soccer stadium. It's an attack on almost every dimension of society with mass casualties," said King, the chairman of the House subcommittee on terrorism.

King said he has not been in an official briefing, but he said he suspected the attackers are "Islamic jihadists. And it's very likely ISIS."

That's because thousands of French citizens have gone to Syria to fight side by side with ISIS and then returned to France, King said.

Another indicator that the events in Paris are part of a terrorist attack, King said, is that "this so well-coordinated: the heavy duty weapons, the shootings, the bombs in the soccer stadium, the taking of the hostages."

But King said he is uncertain that the attack is a response to the Obama administration's claim that a U.S. drone strike killed "Jihadi John," or Mohammed Emwazi, the English-speaking ISIS member who appeared in videos in which American and other hostages were beheaded.

"This is so well-coordinated, I don't see how they could put this together really in less than 24 hours, unless this was a plan that was on the shelf," King said.

Now intelligence services around the world are on alert in case attacks are planned in other countries, including the United States, King said.

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