ORLANDO, Fla. -- George Zimmerman, charged with fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, was confused and fearful when he and his wife misled court officials about their finances during an April bond hearing that allowed the former neighborhood watch leader to be released from jail, his attorney said yesterday.

Attorney Mark O'Mara wrote on a website run by Zimmerman's legal team that he will ask for another bond hearing. A day earlier, Zimmerman returned to jail when his $150,000 bond was revoked by a Florida judge after prosecutors claimed Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, deceived the court during the bond hearing.

At the hearing, Shellie Zimmerman testified that the couple had limited funds for bail because she was a full-time student and her husband wasn't working. Prosecutors say Zimmerman actually had raised $135,000 in donations from a website he created.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester ordered Zimmerman returned to the Seminole County Jail, and he complied Sunday afternoon. He had been in an undisclosed location for safety reasons.

"While Mr. Zimmerman acknowledges that he allowed his financial situation to be misstated in court, the defense will emphasize that, in all other regards, Mr. Zimmerman has been forthright and cooperative," O'Mara said.

Zimmerman will remain in jail at least until Monday because the judge will be out of court.

He has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder for fatally shooting Martin during a confrontation in a gated community in Sanford where Zimmerman lived and where Martin was visiting. He is claiming self-defense.

The delay in his arrest for 44 days led to protests nationwide and to intense debate about self-defense laws and race. Martin was black; Zimmerman's father is white; his mother is from Peru.

Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda presented a partial transcript of phone conversations Zimmerman had with his wife from jail.

"We feel the failure to disclose these funds was caused by fear, mistrust, and confusion," O'Mara said.

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