amny Credit: The very first iPod/Getty

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs changed what music means to us.

On Oct. 23, 2001, in what has become an iconic moment for Apple and for the technology industry, Jobs took the stage and introduced the world to the very first iPod.

The device was far from being the first portable digital music player. Companies such as Sony, Creative and Diamond Multimedia had been in the market for years. But Apple was the first to integrate it directly into computer software and to put the user experience first.

At a whopping five gigabytes, the first iPod held 1,000 songs and had a charge of 10 hours. Physical buttons, a non-flash hard drive, no color screen -- revolutionary for its time, but now a far cry from today's sleek, touchscreen, flash-based models.

Watch below as the visionary Jobs -- who earlier this month passed away -- shows the world what it had been missing.

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