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The 2010 Census showed startling shifts in the city’s racial and ethnic makeup, confirming that Manhattan and Brooklyn have gained more whites, while blacks are bolting from those boroughs as well as Queens.

What’s more, the Asian population jumped 31 percent citywide, passing the million mark for the first time, and Hispanics continued to surge as well.

In a notable development, it’s the first time since the Civil War draft riots that the overall black population – down 2 percent – fell in the city.

“One of the biggest stories is that the white population is stable,” said John Mollenkopf, director of CUNY’s Center for Urban Research. “The white population of all big cities has been declining since 1950.”

Here’s a breakdown by borough:


The white population increased by 5.5 percent, while the black population dipped 4 percent. Norma Fuentes-Mayorga, a sociology professor at Fordham University, said housing prices have pushed out some, while whites, including Russian and Slavic immigrants, have flocked there.


Neighborhoods once dominated by nonwhites, such as Washington Heights and Harlem, have become increasingly gentrified by a white middle-class, Feuntes-Mayorga said. The white population was up 9 percent, while the black and Hispanic populations dropped 7.7 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively.


According to the Census, its population barely increased. While whites and blacks moved out, Hispanics and Asians were replenishing them, the numbers show. It remains the borough with the most Asians.


Whites have been exiting the borough, while the black population increased 6 percent. Feuntes-Mayorga said the overall population growth has been fueled by “yuppie”-types, such as artists, scholars and gays.

Staten Island

The white population fell almost 1 percent, while every other race gained. Mollenkopf said that generally whites are leaving the city for the suburbs and the South. Hispanics grew by 51 percent, which can be attributed to a growing Mexican community, Feuntes-Mayorga said.

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