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Morgan Turkewitz, real estate agent at Citi Habitats, offered her take on the biggest errors Manhattan renters can make.

Not being prepared
"Some people think that they can find an apartment first and then worry about employment letters, tax returns, landlord references, et cetera. Wrong! The rental market in New York City moves incredibly fast. The first qualified applicant to get their paperwork in wins. Being prepared with paperwork and funds at the ready is one of the few things clients can control. For apartment seekers, 'be prepared' should be their motto."

Not jumping on a golden opportunity
"Many people love the first apartment they see but feel that it is the 'right' thing to do to see 15 or 20 apartments so they can see what's out there. Apartment seekers should never feel rushed into a decision, but they need to remember time is of the essence. We don't live in a bubble, and odds are multiple people are checking out a particular apartment on a given day. By the time you view 20 apartments and realize that the first one was still the best, it's long gone. Trust your gut. If you love an apartment, act fast."

Not being flexible
"Clients will say that they do not want to live any further east than First Avenue. What they may not realize is that their perfect apartment may exist a mere 15 steps further east off First Avenue. Are those steps really a deal breaker? Begin the apartment search with an open mind. I've had clients who said, 'I will only live in the West Village, and I wouldn't think of living above 14th Street.' When reality sets in, they realize that the Upper East Side is a better fit for them. They end up renting there and loving their space. Opportunities abound in this city - and sometimes where you least expect it." 

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