traffic light

traffic light Credit: Getty Images

Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed installing red-light cameras on every city street corner, but acknowledged Monday there’s no point in trying without Albany’s green light.

“We can’t fine you unless Albany agrees,” Bloomberg told reporters at an unrelated news conference. “We can put red-light cameras on every single intersection — you just can’t use them.”

A state bill that would have increased the number of red-light cameras in the city to 250 from the current 150 didn’t pass the Assembly this year. The measure, which saw pushback from some lawmakers, was never taken up because other more pressing bills had to be voted on in June.

While the city can put up the cameras, the Legislature must still approve being able to fine drivers.

The Daily News reported Monday that the city last year issued more than one million tickets – at $50 a pop – for red light fines.

Although civil rights advocates have railed against the cameras for privacy concerns, Bloomberg said the devices make economic sense because “we cannot afford a cop on every corner.

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