Hundreds of subway security cameras that were busted for years are now working after a full court press to repair them, according to the MTA.

More than 900 cameras in 31 stations went live at the end of last month, agency spokesman Kevin Ortiz said. The only exception are the cameras at one station, the 7th Avenue stop on the E line, where the devices are still being tweaked because of a “minor water problem” in the room that houses the recorders, Ortiz said.
The rush repair job cost $22 million, officials said.
Another 1,100 cameras of the 4,313 total in the underground transit system still don’t work, as they suffer from network problems. Efforts to fix them are continuing, but Ortiz couldn’t say exactly when the work would be done.
Transit union sources said that MTA repairmen labored 24/7 — and received tons of overtime — to get the 900-plus recording devices operating after the MTA received flack about the broken cameras in the spring.

Transit officials, however, denied the allegations and said that the repairs were already “in the works.”

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