The cobra that went missing at the Bronx Zoo.

The cobra that went missing at the Bronx Zoo. Credit: Julie Larsen Maher

A venomous Egyptian cobra that slithered away from captivity was found Thursday in its home at the Bronx Zoo.

Zoo officials said the missing adolescent cobra was found alive and well in the zoo's Reptile House, which it had never left.

The snake was found in the morning after a seven-day search and is being kept in quarantine, according to a news release. Officials said they displayed a photograph of the sneaky slitherer resting comfortably in a secure enclosure.

The Reptile House is run by the Wildlife Conservation Society, a nonprofit.

The 20-inch, pencil-thin snake is a month old and weighs less than 3 ounces, zoo officials said.

It would have had difficulty surviving outdoors in the cold weather of the Northeast, experts said.

The cobra has attracted interest on the Internet, where a Twitter account that speculates tongue-in-cheek on the reptile's whereabouts has attracted more than 200,000 followers.

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