Hakeem Nicks hasn't always been healthy during his professional career, but he has usually played well when at 100%.

Well, he's healthy and playing well right now, and that's why the winless Giants should look to deal the talented wideout if the price is right.

Nicks is poised to get a huge raise this offseason, and he's most likely to get that raise from another team.

It makes sense to see if the Giants can work on restoring the foundation with a draft pick or two at the cost of parting ways with a key contributor.

Those draft picks had better be good, though. These wide receiver-centric deals may help Giants fans know what to look for in return for Nicks:

Six years ago, the Patriots acquired a young, unproven Wes Welker for a second-round pick and a seventh-rounder.

Three years ago, when the Patriots traded Randy Moss midseason, the Vikings surrendered a third-round pick for a 33-year-old player having a down season. (The Patriots also included a seventh-round choice.)

In March, the Seahawks acquired Percy Harvin from the Vikings for this year's first-round pick, and third- and seventh-round picks next season.

So, what should the Giants accept for Nicks, a 25-year-old who has caught 25 touchdown passes? Something in the middle of those three hauls.

A first-rounder likely is out of the question, but could the Giants ask for something similar to what the Dolphins got in exchange for Welker? Absolutely, and perhaps even a little more.

A few top teams (Patriots, 49ers) are shallow at the position. Whether they'd be willing to give up so much without the guarantee of a long-term contract is another story.

But that's their problem. The Giants must look out for themselves here. And if they can receive prime compensation, dealing Nicks is the right call.

Scott Fontana, amNY's sports editor, can be reached at scott.fontana@am-ny.com.

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