In the 1970s, the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles was the epicenter of the singer-songwriter movement, home to Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

L.A.'s Dawes, touring in support of its album "Nothing is Wrong," is seen by many as an heir to the movement, due to its folk-rock sound, harmonies and storytelling lyrics.

amNewYork spoke with singer Taylor Goldsmith.

You've performed alongside heroes of yours like Browne. What did you learn from them? A lot of what I learned came from before I knew them, just listening and studying their records. I beat myself up about songwriting. When I feel like I've got something good I ask myself if it's as good as something someone I love would write, then see if I still feel good about it.

Where do you get the ideas for your songs? A lot of it is based on personal experience. A lot aren't and those are the ones I'm excited about.

Do you read a lot? I do. My philosophy is that when you're lifting from another medium it's not only OK but also really cool. It would be weird if a musician was taking lyrics from another songwriter, but between mediums, it's really cool. I may read something and say, "This is a nice line," and try to apply it to a song I'm writing.

If you go: Dawes are at Central Park SummerStage on Saturday at 7 p.m., enter park at 69th St. and Fifth Ave., 212-360-2756, FREE. 

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