Manning Credit: Hulu

Eli Manning may not have scored a touchdown Saturday night, but he proved he was a good sport.

The two-time Super Bowl champ and Giants quarterback hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, his first time hosting after turning down a chance to helm the show in 2008.

Eli had a lot to live up to, as his older brother, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, hosted the show in 2007 and surprised viewers with his superb comedic timing. So how did his baby brother fair in comparison?

The show kicked off with a seemingly nervous but solid Manning delivering an opening monologue, which included a Q&A with "SNL" actors in the audience posing as tourists.

He referred to himself as a true New Yorker, and said for good Italian food in the city, there is only one place to go: Olive Garden.

The QB's MVP moment was during "Little Brothers," a faux-advertisement for an organization to help smaller siblings everywhere deal with razzing from big bro.

Reminiscent of Peyton's classic "United Way" sketch, the skit featured Manning as a for-hire defender of younger brothers everywhere – and included a little younger-brother angst he seems to have been harboring.

"Maybe now you'll learn to treat your little brother with respect, Peyton!" he yelled at one big brother, played by Andy Samburg, as he locked him in the trunk of a car.

"My name's not Peyton!" Samburg responded.

Edging away from the brother issues, Manning also Tebowed and stood on trial for some questionable texts. (Brett Favre sexting scandal, anyone?)

The QB did fall flat during a few sketches, includes ones where he played an Occupy Wall Street protestor and later a drag queen.

Manning may not outshine his brother when it comes to comedic timing and stage presence, but with double his brother's Super Bowl wins, Eli will probably survive.

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