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British band Gomez Credit: British band Gomez

Britain's Gomez had about as good a start to their career as any band could hope for.

Right out of the gate, the group won the prestigious Mercury Prize, which is given to the best album from the U.K. and Ireland.

Of course, that's no guarantee of future success, as award winners such as M People and Klaxons can attest. Yet Gomez are still going strong after 15 years, touring in support of their latest album, "Whatever's On Your Mind."

amNewYork spoke with drummer Olly Peacock as the band kicked off their tour.

How have Gomez stayed together for so long? We were in it for the right reasons: All we cared about was making music. There wasn't a desire to become famous or massively popular. Also, we were five friends playing together, as opposed to musicians looking for other musicians. If you know each other as musicians but not friends first and foremost, you can become more fractured.

Was winning the Mercury Prize for your debut a blessing and a curse, since everything you've done afterward gets compared to that album? It's a ridiculous thing to win such a prestigious award and feel it's a curse that thousands of people are turned onto you. But you do have to have the ability to maintain that [quality] on your second and third album down the line.

Do you feel that these days, you have more of a following in the jam-band world than the indie-rock world? There are a lot of musical areas or genres we fall into, at times momentarily. We would never say we were a jam band, but even in our earliest days, we'd have two minutes in a song where we would free-form and see what happens. But you'll never go to a Gomez show and think it's a Phish concert. From album to album, you could say Gomez has a rock sound on this album, an electronic sound on that one. That's a good and bad thing. It becomes frustrating for some people, but others are drawn to us because we have a multilayered sound.

If you go: Gomez is at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday at 8:30 p.m., 6 Delancey St., 212-533-2111, $35.

The band is at Brooklyn Bowl on March 19-20 at 8 p.m., 61 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg, 718-963-3369, $20.

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