Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester Credit: Handout

Embarrassed that you like "Glee"? Do people judge you because you know the lives of fictional teenagers who break into song at a moment's notice?

If so, there are just two words needed to regain status: Sue Sylvester. Even the most ardent "Glee"-bashers have to give credit to the diabolical cheerleading coach, and it's mostly thanks to the performance by Jane Lynch.

But if Jane Lynch makes Sue Sylvester, how does one make Jane Lynch? Here's our recipe:

Two shots of Gilda Radner
Nearly every woman who has made her way to stage and screen after going through Second City, such as Lynch, owes something to possibly the funniest woman to do it.

One shot of Gary Sinese
Along with Jeff Perry and Terry Kinney, Sinese founded the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago in the early 1970s, where Lynch got her start. When looking for an actor with serious chops, look for the Steppenwolf label; John Malkovich, Joan Allen and Laurie Metcalf all spent time there.

One shot of Christopher Guest
The mockumentarian gave Lynch one her first great roles, in "Best in Show," but more than being a director, he seems a kindred spirit.

A spritz of Lucille Ball
Perhaps America's greatest comedienne, Ball was the first woman to emcee the Emmys, co-hosting the fourth-ever ceremony with Desi Arnaz in 1952. Lynch gets her shot this September.

A rinse of high-school nightmares
The only difference between Sue Sylvester and our nightmares of ninth through 12th grades is that, in our bad dreams, we're naked.

If you go: Jane Lynch stars in "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie," opening Friday.

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