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Let’s say you have a day job — one that you’re awesome at and greatly enjoy, but is still a job. Then you win the lottery. Do you ever go back to work?

In 2002, The Rock filmed his first starring role in a big blockbuster film, “The Scorpion King.” Since then, he’s rarely looked back, becoming an action star in his own right — to the point where he was able to get his real name, Dwayne Johnson, back.

But this weekend, The Rock returns to wrestling, hosting WrestleMania XXVII on Sunday. Whether it’s a quick guest spot or something more serious, The Rock,38, is back on the job.
How did he get this far? Here’s how you make a Rock:

Three shots of Hulk Hogan
He may be considered old now, and his style of “wrestling” might be out of favor, but without Hulkamania crossing over from the “seedy” professional wrestling world to mainstream success, there is no way that The Rock becomes Dwayne Johnson, movie star.

A shot of Bruce Willis
Not many action stars have the charisma and attitude to be able to pull off action and comedy at the same time. But if someone drops by with a script called “Cop Out 2,” just run away.

A shot of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
When The Rock started in the WWE, he was a good guy and getting booed out of arenas across the country. When “Stone Cold” Steve Austin started displaying that “bad guy” attitude and getting cheered for it, The Rock was able to show some edge and leave behind the goody-two-shoes persona.

A dash of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Before setting off to ruin the state of California, bodybuilder and action-movie star Ah-nold had found a nice niche playing a tough guy in emasculating situations (see “Kindergarten Cop,” “Twins”). Meanwhile, The Rock wore a tutu on a movie poster for “The Tooth Fairy.”

A rinse of Johnny Cash
There’s something about his combination of modesty and confidence. It’s fitting that The Rock and Billy Bob Thornton reportedly bonded on the set of “Faster” over a mutual love of country music, where even the superstars often seem to have that “aw, shucks” attitude. And we could definitely see The Rock shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die.

On TV: WrestleMania XXVII airs on pay-per-view on Sunday at 7 p.m., $54.99

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