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In what would be a historic move, the Bloomberg administration wants to extend the No. 7 train into New Jersey, a direct response to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to kill an underground commuter tunnel from Jersey.

The train would cross the Hudson at 34th Street and connect to Secaucus. The line now links Times Square and Flushing, Queens. It would represent the first time a subway line has left the city, much less the state.

The New York Times first reported the story on Tuesday.

“Extending the 7 line to New Jersey could address many of the regions transportation capacity issues at a fraction of the original tunnel’s cost, but the idea is still in its earliest stages,” Andrew Brent, a mayoral spokesman, said in a statement.

Christie hadn’t been given an official rundown on the No. 7 plan, but wants to hear more, the Times reported. The project would cost about $5.3 billion.

The MTA said it had not an opportunity to review the proposal.


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