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"Jeff, Who Lives at Home" star Jason Segel spoke to Parade about why he's OK with letting go of The Muppets, the reason he's still single and more.

Some highlights:

On why isn't he writing the next Muppets film: "My goal wasn't to be the new head of the Muppets but to be a footnote in the legacy. I did what I set out to do, and now I'd like to pursue human-related projects. I'm a very good writer - all modesty aside - but it's not my main profession. I am happy to leave it in the hands of people who are great and competent."

Does he think there is such a thing as "The One?" "No, I don't. I think relationships are an effort and it's about timing, an actual decision, and two people deciding they will be the best person for one another."

On why he's single: "I don't want to have a girlfriend for the sake of having a girlfriend. I have no desire to pick a random girl. I want the right girl. There are plenty of opportunities, but I would rather have the right one."

Read the full interview at Parade.com.

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