A Brooklyn woman who cleaned airplanes at Kennedy Airport stole hundreds of mini liquor bottles over several years worth roughly $10,000, prosecutors said Friday.

Juanette Cullum, 48, was arraigned on grand larceny and possession of stolen property charges in Queens Criminal Court, the Queens district attorney's office said.

Acting on a tip, police went to the woman's home on Hull Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant and found nearly 1,500 of the mini booze bottles, typically served on flights, in a closet, District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement.

Cullum, employed by Air Service Cleaning, was responsible for cleaning American Airlines planes at Terminal 8, the prosecutor said. The thefts occurred over a three-year period, he said.

It was not known whether the liquor was for personal use or resale, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office said.

If convicted, Cullum faces up to 7 years in prison. Her Legal Aid lawyer could not be reached.

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