Some New Yorkers are beginning 2014 with a trendy juice cleanse.

"The results can be exhilarating," says AQUAhydrate spokesperson Keren Gilbert, a registered dietitian.

A cleanse boasts beauty benefits, too.

"Juice cleanses can have positive effects on skin by increasing hydration," says Juva Skin & Laser Center's Dr. Anthony Rossi, M.D. "Cleanses also give a break from refined sugars that can sometimes cause breakouts."

Here are some of our favorite sip-worthy cleanses in the city:


The Easy Love Cleanse is a gentle introduction to raw organic food, as the digestion-beneficial regimen is a good starting point for beginners. Along with a variety of seven fresh organic juices as well as snacks and meals (like salads, yogurt, pudding and falafel), a daily email supplies instructions and a time schedule for consumption nutrition information. They offer a three day cleanse (recommended for first-timers) or a five day cleanse that begins with a booster shot in the morning followed by a fruit juice one hour later.

Advice: After the cleanse, stick to fresh salads and slowly add cooked (vegan) food into your diet.

$65/day (free Manhattan morning delivery for $50+ orders), 212-358-0500, various locations


Benefits include improved digestion and complexion and more focus, clarity, energy and restful sleep. Ideal for anyone who wants to add more plant-based nutrition into their diet and eliminate processed foods. There are four to six juices per day plus meals (for three to five days). Organic kale salads, organic vegan soups and raw vegan snacks are incorporated in beginner and intermediate cleanses.

Advice: Eliminate animal products, alcohol, gluten and sugar a few days prior to starting.

$180/day plus shipping (20% off with promo code NEWYEAR2014), 1-855-JUICE-2-U


Two signature three or five day cleanses (The Daring Cleanse: five cold-pressed juices and one coconut milk, and The Fearless Cleanse: six juices with a green component), are designed to remove toxins and flood the body with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The Fearless Cleanse has a "Detox Painkiller" afternoon juice with green apple, lemon, ginger and more.

Advice: Do not cleanse if pregnant or on medication, and phase out coffee, meat, sugar, wheat, dairy and fish three days before beginning.

$60/day plus $12 delivery, or free delivery for TriBeCa and FiDi, ($48 special in January), 646-454-0680, 102 Fulton St.


An all-juice cleanse or a raw food and juice cleanse can be completed in one, three or five days. Boasting a better digestive tract and complexion, the organic vegetable and fruit juice cleanse involves six cold-pressed drinks per day or three juices and three raw dishes daily. Ingredients can include beets, pineapple, kale and carrots.

Advice: No soda, caffeine, meat or dairy two to three days prior to cleansing.

$58/day (juice only) or $72/day (juice and raw foods) plus $15 delivery


The 100% organic juice cleanse improves skin and reduces bloat while providing nutrients, in three levels of cleanses. E3Live (green algae), burdock root and chia seeds are used. The Signature Cleanse, recommended for novices, is six drinks per day (five juices and one nutmilk) and can be completed in one, three or five days. There are also week and month-long options.

Advice: Cut out red meat, refined sugar and cocktails before cleansing.

$60/day plus $15 shipping, 1-855-URJuice


With six juices each day that rid the body of impurities and normalize digestion, the one to six day Renovation cleanse includes combination fruit juices (like pineapple and mint or lemonades with agave nectar) as well as nutmilks and green juices.

Advice: Cut out coffee, sugar, meat and dairy while adding greens and fresh fruit to your diet in the days leading up to the cleanse. 

$65/day to $390/6-days, 212-414-5741, various Whole Foods locations


For those looking to lose weight, gain energy and have clearer skin, this three to five day, 100% organic cleanse consists of four cold-pressed juices, one super food smoothie and one healing elixir. The Longevity Tonic has a master herb ingredient: shilajit, from the Himalayan mountains, which boasts 70 trace minerals and is used for strength building.

Advice: Increase the amount of veggies and abstain from heavy processed foods like breads and pastas two days in advance, to prepare.

$56/day, 516-652-7281, Westside Market, 77 Seventh Ave.

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IDA board mandate … Dem primaries start Saturday … FeedMe: Outdoor dining Credit: Newsday

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