Is Justin Bieber losing his mojo?

The 19-year-old star's troubles abroad lately have been making much more of a splash than his music, as the Biebs has dropped five singles in the last five weeks without topping any sales charts or getting airplay, reported

Of the five singles, only one has charted on iTunes' top 50 -- "All Bad," which was No. 25 on Thursday. (It previously topped out at No. 17.)

The songs are part of Bieber's "Music Monday" campaign, during which he's dropping a single every Monday for 10 weeks.

Music may be the last thing on his fans' minds: In just the past month, Bieber has allegedly patronized a brothel, accidentally disrespected the Argentine flag during a concert, been recorded sleeping by a Brazilian model who says she slept with him, gotten caught stealing a bike from a Las Vegas casino and cut two concerts short due to "food poisoning." And, he was charged with illegally spraying paint on a Rio hotel.

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