amNY -- Justin Bieber

amNY -- Justin Bieber Credit: Getty Images

Can Times Square get even nuttier than usual this New Year’s Eve? You better “belieb” it.

The teen heartthrob will perform on ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New York Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” on a triple bill with Lady Gaga and Pitbull.

The announcement, Bieber made during a radio interview with Seacrest on Monday, set off a frisson of enthusiasm Tuesday among midtown boosters and a calculating auguring amongst parents of “tweens.”

“We love it!” exulted Lori Raimondo, vice president of marketing for the Times Square Alliance. Bieber, she said, is “very top of mind and one of the most popular pop stars,” and will likely further swell the ranks of the event’s billion worldwide viewers and million attendees.

Corey Johnson, chairman of Community Board 4, which covers Chelsea-Clinton, hopes that some of the revelers “will patronize the businesses in this area which need support in these tough economic times.”

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment as to whether it plans to further inflate the area’s typically robust security presence on Dec. 31, but Johnson expressed confidence that there will be sufficient police to handle the array of diverse fans who will show up in hope of catching a glimpse of the stars.

“Oh my gosh! I’m going to have to get mentally prepared for all the screams,” exclaimed Camille Fernandez, 34, a St. Albanss caseworker. Fernandez has a 9-year-old-daughter, Aniya Bowen, who broadcasts her adoration for the 17-year-old singer via a Justin Bieber backpack and a hot pink sweatshirt reading “The Future Mrs. Bieber.”

An upcoming Bieber appearance, though, gives parents of Bieber fans leverage in homework and housework negotiations, noted Fernandez, who planned on breaking the news to Aniya with a request for “wonderful grades,” and spotless compliance with chores. In exchange, Fernandez plans to get to Times Square “real early,” to give Aniya a chance of glimpsing her idol.  

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