Kelly Killoren Bensimon - model, fashion lover and author of the book "I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet" - dishes out style advice to amNewYork's readers.

I want to get my stylish dad something beyond the typical tie for Father's Day. Any ideas? I absolutely love the idea of gifting a cool, casual pair of shoes for summer. My faves right now are flip-flops from the brand-new Missoni Loves Havaianas collection and laceless shoes by TOMS. You also can't go wrong with anything from the men's store Saturdays Surf NYC (31 Crosby St., 212-966-7875), which sells everything from cool bracelets to fun tees. For the daring dad, go for a custom-made skateboard from Wampum, which opened in Bridgehampton last summer and also has a location in NYC (5 Cleveland Pl., 212-274-1544). Or, for the dad who loves to work out, buy him a pack of classes from the hard-core Barry's Bootcamp ($150-$1,250, barrysbootcamp.com).

Missoni Loves Havaianas Flip-Flops, $70; at Bloomingdale's (main image above)

TOMS Multi Renato Men's Classics, $54; at toms.com

I don't want my hair color to get bleached out in the sun. How can I keep my locks from getting fried? My rock-star hairstylist, Bradley Irion, suggests using a product like Pureology's EssentialRepair ColourMax, which basically acts as sunscreen for your hair. It helps to protect the look of your hair, and - more importantly - your scalp from getting burned by the sun. Or, you can simply rub conditioner into your hair prior to hitting the beach or pool. Your tresses absorb the first thing they come into contact with, and you don't want that to be chlorine.

Pureology EssentialRepair ColourMax, $22; at salons

I have tons of beauty products and makeup, but I only have one tiny vanity in my bathroom. Do you have any cute ideas for storing products so they're not all over the place? Compartmentalize your mess with cool boxes from Pier 1.

Pier 1 Imports Water Hyacinth Box, $25; at Pier 1 Imports

Shorts and short-skirt season is here, which makes me anxious because I'm not exactly blessed with long, slender legs. What are some tricks to making my legs look longer, leaner and more summer-ready? First off, check out the season's trendy high-low dresses, which are shorter in the front and drape longer in the back. They are perfect because you don't have to show off your full leg. They're the perfect solution because you don't have to show off your full leg.

If you're in the mood to do some easy workouts, my favorite trick for long, lean legs is squats. Use 20 pounds and do 30 repetitions. Another simple exercise is leg lifts. These will tone your butt and elongate you legs.

Willow & Clay Striped Skirt, $80; at opensky.com

I'd like to "summerize" my one-bedroom apartment without buying new furniture or rugs. Any tips for small, chic things I can do to brighten up my space for the season? Head to Target and pick up some cool, colorful towels. Fold them in half and make them into huge pillows. They'll get your apartment looking like the perfect beach bungalow. 

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