Khloe Kardashian is standing by her man in the face of controversy.

The reality starlet has defended hubby Lamar Odom following a recent ESPN report claiming shady practices by Odom’s foundation, Cathy’s Kids.

“All of the funds donated by Lamar and the other contributions to Cathy’s Kids were used for one of the foundation’s intended charitable purposes,” Kardashian, 28, wrote on her Celebuzz blog Wednesday. “Not one penny went to help Lamar personally or any member of his family.”

The ESPN report alleged that none of the $2.2 million that Cathy’s Kids raised in its eight-year history went to cancer-related causes as promised, and instead, the majority went to two elite youth basketball travel teams. Odom, a New York City native, plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.

“Cathy’s Kids was formed with several purposes in mind, including benefiting underprivileged youth and cancer research,” Kardashian wrote. “A decision was ultimately made that the charity should focus on one of those purposes — to help enrich the lives of underprivileged inner-city youth. It accomplished that goal.”

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