In his early days, garage rocker King Khan was known for onstage antics that were so outlandish he was banned from several clubs.

Now a 36-year-old father, Khan has grown up a bit, although he did moon Lindsay Lohan during a performance in Cannes in 2010.

amNewYork spoke with Khan about his stage show and his soul-influenced new album "Idle No More."What inspired "Idle No More"?

It documented a pretty dark struggle I had to go through [after three people I was close to passed away]. I'm glad I made it through without losing my mind.What do you hope people take from it?

I guess, that there's hope at the end of the dark tunnel. A lot of my inspiration musically has always come from the spirit of gospel music and how healing it is to the soul, and how it can transform suffering, pain and torment into a beautiful, harmonious kind of joyful ecstasy.What can fans expect from your live show these days?

Getting banned from venues was a long time ago, back in the juvenile delinquent days. Back then, shock was our tool to amass a certain type of person. But our show is still as showstopping as it ever was. ? Now, the audience comes to feel a certain sense of salvation. Fans tell me they were smiling about it months after. How did the Lindsay Lohan incident happen?

It was just a spur of the moment thing. I had to change my clothes and she was sitting there. As soon as I did it, there was a wave of flash photography. Did you know immediately that it was a big deal?

Not really. Some of us were hanging out with Lindsay afterward in a hotel room. I was doing her tarot cards. One was about her leaving to go to a faraway place. I guess she went to jail.

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