Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries Credit: Kris Humphries #43 of the New Jersey Nets. (Getty)

Don't mess with Kris Humphries.

According to, laywers for the Brooklyn Nets forward have contacted FBI agents regarding a woman who allegedly is trying to extort him.

The gal, Myla Sinanaj, claims to have had a relationship with Humphries after he split from reality starlet Kim Kardashian in October. Sinanaj reportedly is now threatening to release damaging information to the media unless Humphries agrees to pay her a hefty chunk of change.

Sources connected with Sinanaj told TMZ that she has e-mails, text messages and other documents that could "ruin" Humphries.

Apparently, the two sides' lawyers met on Friday, and when they couldn't reach an agreement, Humphries' team went to the FBI to protect his interests.

Meanwhile, depositions in the divorce case between Humphries and Kardashian are reported to be starting within the next two weeks.

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