Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Credit: Getty Images


After countless car accidents and close calls - including a controversial crash just last week - Lindsay Lohan is actually getting a personal driver, courtesy of Lifetime, which is attempting to salvage its production of the upcoming flick "Liz & Dick" that stars Lohan as screen icon Elizabeth Taylor.

"Lifetime will lose a ton of money if Lindsay doesn't finish filming 'Liz and Dick,' plus they don't want anything to happen to her on their watch," a source close to the network told the Huffington Post.

"So it was decided it would be cheaper to get her a driver. Most contracts provide drivers for its stars in the first place, so this isn't that unusual."

A black SUV is set to drive her around until filming on the movie ends.

Last week, Lohan rammed her black Porsche into a truck in California. Some reports cited an open container of alcohol in her trunk, which isn't illegal but not too smart considering Lohan has been to rehab.

"This is a make-or-break moment for Lindsay," an insider said. "If she messes this opportunity up, she will never work again. It really is that serious and she knows it." 

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