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So far, she's only been on the "Today" show, but we're already sick of Lindsay Lohan's big "I'm better and ready to work!" media tour. Leading up to her semi-random "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig Saturday, the starlet (who, let's face it, was basically a teen actress in a few kid movies, not some tragic fallen thespian) sat down with "Today" host Matt Lauer on Thursday to tell the world she's clean and sober. Here are some highlights of the convo:

On the party scene: "That's not my thing anymore. I went out, actually, a few months ago with a friend, and I was so uncomfortable. Not because I felt tempted, just because it was just the same thing that it always was before. And it just wasn't fun for me. I've become more of a homebody - and I like that."

On whether Whitney Houston's death registered with her on a personal level: [After a pause] "Not really. That's kind of a scary, morbid thing to discuss."

On falling into the world of talent-stealing substance abuse: "I've experienced things like that. It's a really sad factor that can come into play in people's lives sometimes if you don't recognize it. And a lot of people don't like to, and I think I did that for a long time. I think I was scared and didn't want to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else." [Editor's note: Huh?]

On whether she thinks the industy can trust her: "I think that takes time. And I think that it's actions. Because people can say things all they want, but I think I still need to go through the process of proving myself."

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that while she might be OK on "SNL," the 25-year-old's career will remain stalled for two reasons. The first: Her name has become a Hollywood punchline, and no respected producers or directors will want to cast a tabloid fixture.

The second: The public won't be able to ever see past her personal life when she's on-screen.

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