Clearly, a local strip joint is trying hard to get Charlie Sheen to pay them a visit while the
#winner performs at Radio City next week.

In our inbox this morning was a media alert detailing the Cheetah Club’s new “Charlie Sheen Ultimate VIP Room.”

The Times Square “Adult Entertainment Center” apparently underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation and is celebrating by honoring Sheen’s “love of strippers and goddesses” by offering sketchballs, er, respectable men the chance to party like the actor with an “ultimate” lap dance. The dance features a minimum of two girls and an “iced” bottle of Jack Daniels.

Laughing yet? No? How ‘bout now: The dance will cost a cool $1,000. (The Jack is iced, though, so, you know ... )

At first, we wondered whether it sends a good message to make light of the embattled actor’s plight and attitude toward women, but then we snapped out of our cerebral haze: It’s a strip club, for crying out loud.

Also looking to cash in on Sheen is mixology website, where staffers trolled the site’s thousands of cocktail recipes to find three that bear a resemblance to Sheen's various eccentricities: Adonis (bitters, sherry and vermouth), Porn Star (blue Curaçao and raspberry liqueur) and the vile-sounding Tiger's Blood (Code Red Mountain Dew and rum). We'd rather drink the $1,000 bottle of (iced) Jack.

Even Snoop Dogg is getting in on the action: The ever-topical rapper apparently collaborated with the actor on a song for Sheen to perfom during his U.S. "comedy" tour, according to Billboard.


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