A mugger shot a 21-year-old man on a D train platform Sunday morning after trying to steal a medallion from his neck, police said.

The victim and the 24-year-old gunman scuffled on a Brooklyn-bound train before they got to the station at 53rd Street and 7th Avenue.

“It spilled on to the platform and it began physical,” an NYPD spokeswoman said.

The gunman shot the victim once in the torso and fled west on 53rd Street. Police soon caught him and recovered a .40 caliber handgun. The victim was taken to Cornell Hospital and was expected to recover.

Police charged 24-year-old Richard Mwazi, of Manhattan, with attempted murder, assault with a weapon, robbery, resisting arrest and drug possession for what appeared to be ecstasy pills.

This is the second incident in four months at the station.

In November, a man was stabbed to death by a crazed exterminator as the D train pulled into the same station. Jerry Sanchez, 37, of the Bronx, allegedly stabbed the 36-year-old victim after he refused to move his bag from a seat.

Robberies in the subways have risen recently, increasing 16 percent in January when compared with January 2009 figures. Overall, police reported 225 major incidents in 2009, an increase of 17 percent from two years prior. Still, subway crime is down from 10 years ago, and officials emphasize that the system is safe.

“We have done a tremendous amount to be able to reduce crime and give people a sense of security with the system,” MTA CEO Jay Walder said last week.

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