Matt Harvey #33 of the New York Mets

Matt Harvey #33 of the New York Mets Credit: Matt Harvey #33 of the New York Mets (Getty Images)

Just think: NL All-Star starting pitcher Matt Harvey was still in the Mets’ minor league system one year ago.

The Mets ace has been on a tear ever since, and is one of the few bright spots during a mostly dreary half-year in Queens.

But the fact that Harvey won’t even have 365 days of big league experience until next Friday is a sign of how bright the Mets’ future looks.

For optimistic Mets fans, it’s the young players who are reason enough to head out to Citi Field. Harvey (7-2, 2.35 ERA) and Zack Wheeler (3-1, 3.54 ERA), who has five starts under his belt, mean that at least two of every five Mets games will be worth watching.

The other games? Well, those are another story. Although Jeremy Hefner and Dillon Gee have pitched well of late, the offense has struggled mightily.

Take out All-Star third baseman David Wright (.305), and the team is hitting just .226 this season. That figure would be the worst in the majors, and, even with Wright, the Mets are ranked 28th out of 30.

Really, the rest of this season is about giving future assets some time to develop. There’s a chance prospects such as catcher Travis d’Arnaud or second baseman Wilmer Flores will be up later in the year for fans to look further into the franchise’s future.

Other than that, expect manager Terry Collins to continue to make the most of a halfway decent roster — but, ultimately, this could be his final year here — and for general manager Sandy Alderson to continue to tease fans with talk of how the Mets will be buyers this offseason.

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