Expect to see a sexed-up Miley Cyrus for the next two decades.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show Monday, Cyrus said that her oversexed image isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Lauer asked the 20-year-old if her sexual image is just "a phase" and if she will soon "move on to something else." Her response? "I heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual. So probably around 40, I heard that's when people don't have sex any more so I guess maybe around then."

When Lauer said he is 55 years old, Cyrus poked fun, saying: "Oh, well, then you're really definitely not sexual."

The twerking queen made waves in August with her raunchy performance at MTV's Video Music Awards alongside Robin Thicke.

Cyrus, who hosted "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, said she doesn't "ever really plan to offend people but sometimes that just happens because I think people are not open to what they don't understand."

She also said she doesn't regret anything about her increasingly raunchy antics lately -- VMAs included: "It's a month later and we're still talking about it so it definitely went as planned."

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